Many of us aspire to positively impact the world as we embark on our careers. With climate change being one of the most significant global challenges, numerous high-impact jobs are emerging within the environmental sector. This article examines some of the most sought-after ‘green’ jobs in 2023.

Green Jobs on the Rise

Some of these roles were non-existent or very different 10 or 20 years ago. As we strive to secure the planet’s future, green skills are increasingly vital.

Defining a ‘green’ job can be challenging, but it generally refers to roles focused on environmental conservation—protecting natural resources and reducing harmful emissions. Here are some of the most in-demand green jobs today.

Renewable Energy Engineer

While energy companies have always required skilled engineers, most jobs were previously in oil, coal, and gas. The growth of the renewable energy sector has led to a surge in green energy jobs, such as solar panel installers and wind turbine technicians. Possessing the right skills can make you highly sought after in this expanding field.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers design buildings and structures, but modern sustainability standards mandate energy and resource efficiency in construction projects. Those interested in broader urban planning might consider sustainable town planning, which aims to create greener, more circular urban spaces by reusing resources and minimizing waste. Project management roles in this sector involve overseeing the daily progress of sustainable building projects.


Environmental scientists gather, analyze, and present data to aid in environmental protection. Their research addresses major challenges like climate change and may focus on specific areas such as water, soil, or air quality. They might also work as advisers or consultants, helping organizations adopt greener and more sustainable practices.

Fisheries Manager

As a fisheries manager, you oversee fish stock management, crucial for maintaining biodiversity. This role may also involve addressing legal issues and handling emergencies like oil spills.

Tree Surgeon

Tree surgery, suitable for those who enjoy active, outdoor work, involves more than cutting down trees. It focuses on environmental conservation through planting, caring for unhealthy trees, and protecting the natural environment. Similarly, foresters work on forest conservation and regeneration, protecting against diseases, wildfires, and deforestation.

Product Designer

Product designers aim to create durable, efficient products with minimal environmental impact. This includes designing recyclable packaging, electric cars, and sustainable clothing to combat the wastefulness of ‘fast fashion’. These roles illustrate that many careers, even those not traditionally seen as ‘green’, can contribute to environmental sustainability across various sectors.

This highlights that regardless of one’s strengths or industry, numerous opportunities exist to pursue a career with a positive environmental impact.

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